What is Doctor’s Note?

If you mixed together things I’m thinking about with blogging, bookmarking, Twitter, Mastodon and e-mails I write to friends and colleagues who ask me if I have any thoughts on a subject, you’d have Doctor’s Note.

Doctor’s Note is an irregular newsletter containing a mix of longer form essays and short musing on design, design leadership, coaching, innovation, culture, technology, society, personal and professional development. Some essays appear at a later date on my blog, while the book recommendations, links with commentary and other articles are exclusive to subscribers.

Why “Doctor’s Note”? Because it’s about the only time I get to make use of the fact I have a PhD and I liked the pun. You get to take time off of work or school when you have a doctor’s note, so make use of it.

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To find out more about the company that provides the tech platform for this newsletter, visit Substack.com. I chose it over Mailchimp and other services because of it’s simplicity, allowing me to concentrate on writing, not marketing analytics.

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